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Application Customisation Services

Every business has its unique processes and rules which are what make it stand out from the rest (and are often the reason for their amazing market success).

A Workforce Management System must seek the greatest alignment possible with the business’s practices and model.

To offer a product that is embedded with all the business knowledge perfected in hundreds of implementations worldwide and, at the same time, provide an option for instantly meeting the one-off and important needs of adaptation, MizziSoft Pty Ltd offers the Application Customisation Service. A specialized technical team member who knows each and every detail of the EzHRPay software systems will perform the changes demanded by the customer’s process. Many of these changes represent high added value for the product as a whole, but cannot wait for the release of a new software version.

Using tools developed in alignment with the most up to date technologies, activities such as the addition of fields, screens, buttons for triggering external actions, new menu options, among others, are performed quickly and within the highest degree of stability.

Customer Benefits

  • Flexibility in meeting new demands.
  • Fast delivery of customised requests which would normally have to wait for a new product version.
  • Adaptation of system to adhere to the customer’s business processes and model.

Main Development Activities

  • Compile customised technical specification to be developed (evaluate force, impact, options, etc.).
  • Implement the specified customisations in the system.
  • Make the customisations performed available in the customer’s environment.
  • Validate the customisations in the customer’s test environment and production.
  • Train the customer in using the customised items.

Customer Deliverables

  • Technical specification of the items to be customised.
  • Source files created to meet customer’s request.
  • Documentation to explain the customisation that has been performed.
  • Customisations installed and monitored in the customer’s environment.
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