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Streamline Your Payroll With MizziSoft’s EzHrPay: Automation, Precision, And Efficiency

Streamline Your Payroll with MizziSoft’s EzHrPay: Automation, Precision, and Efficiency

At MizziSoft, we strongly advocate for the benefits of automation in promoting accuracy and productivity. With EzHrPay, you can free yourself from the concerns of manual payroll calculations, as everything is automatically computed. By seamlessly integrating employee time sheets into the payroll process across various pay segments, you can trust that the resulting payroll accurately reflects their actual work hours. What’s more, generating payroll is incredibly simple, requiring just three clicks. This user-friendly feature allows you to effortlessly calculate employee earnings on a monthly, semi-monthly, weekly, or even daily basis.

Our pay slips are designed to be easily understandable, even for individuals who are not involved in payroll management. This level of detail saves you time by reducing the number of employee queries you need to address. Additionally, our pay slips support a paperless environment, as they can be accessed through our Employee Self-Service Kiosks at any time and from anywhere. Whether you’re planning a week-long vacation with your loved ones or need to file important documents, our system allows for seamless digital transactions. Our software is equipped to handle multiple types of leave and leave balances, including accrued and non-accrued leaves, ensuring it aligns with your company’s specific leave setup. To prevent leave applications exceeding available balances, the pay slips also include current leave balances.

One of our standout features is Auto-calculation, which includes the convenient Automatic Deduction of loans, whether they are government or personal, as well as the processing of government remittances such as Life Insurance, Health Insurance, and Home Insurance. At MizziSoft, we have already configured our system to align with the payroll regulations in the Philippines. What’s even more impressive is that if there are any updates or modifications to the contribution amounts for each bracket in the government remittances, our dedicated MizziSoft team will gladly handle all the necessary adjustments for you.


MizziSoft offers a comprehensive payroll solution that embraces automation, precision, and efficiency. With our EzHrPay software, you can eliminate errors caused by manual payroll computations and confidently rely on auto-calculated results based on employees’ actual work hours. Generating payroll is simplified to just three clicks, allowing for effortless calculations on various timeframes. Our detailed pay slips are designed for easy comprehension, reducing the need for employee queries, and can be accessed through our Employee Self-Service Kiosks, promoting a paperless environment. The system seamlessly handles multiple leave types and balances, conforming to your company’s specific setup. Additionally, the software automates the deduction of loans and government remittances, such as Life Insurance, Health Insurance, and Home Insurance, ensuring compliance with Philippine payroll regulations. With MizziSoft, you can streamline your payroll processes, save time, and enjoy the benefits of a reliable and user-friendly payroll solution.

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