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MizziSoft Payroll Revolution

MizziSoft Payroll Revolution

We are creating a revolution in payroll with EzHrPay! We believe that the payroll module should live in a workforce management system and not blind in an accounting system. The reason why, is that payroll is the end result of many processes in workforce management such as roster changes, attendance exceptions such as coming late, overtime and so on plus other day of operation changes such as partial or full leave. Usually they are passed to a payroll system at the end of a pay cycle. But as we all know many of the HR, rostering or attendance exceptions are highlighted in workforce management after the payroll has been posted and this is were all the manual work comes in payroll because the payroll people will need to incorporate these pay exceptions in the next pay run.

Sometimes the wrong pay rates have been applied in past payroll runs and again the payroll people need to manually analyse what the employee has worked to calculate the difference! Another big one in payroll is termination pay and usually it takes 90 minutes to calculate 1 termination pay. So by having the payroll system bolted in the workforce management system then the payroll has access to all these workforce exceptions which can be computed in seconds instead of hours being computed manually.

Any exceptions before posting the payroll are shown on the employee portal so any mistakes can be caught before the payroll is posted thus reducing back pay exceptions for the next pay run. Once the payroll is posted then all the payslips are available on the employee portal from where the employees can print their payslips or view them from their phone.

This is our MizziSoft EzHrPay revolution! So this way pay mistakes are reduced by 99.9% and eliminating overtime in the payroll department thus saving big money for the business! Once the payroll is done then all the accounting data is posted to the accounting system. Nice & Simple!

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