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Return To Work COVID-19 Restriction Ease

Return to work COVID-19 Restriction Ease

Due to the pandemic crisis experiencing by the whole world. The country started making a protocol in order to keep the virus from spreading. Started from Enhanced Community Quarantine (ECQ) to Modify Enhanced Community Quarantine (MECQ) and now to General Community Quarantine (GCQ).

What is the protocol of GCQ in regards to the companies?

  • Workers under sector one, two, and three can work through work in a phased system
  • Priority and essential construction projects could resume
  • Public transportation could resume at reduced capacity

Even where employers are permitted to permit employees back into the office, employers should implement a rule to keep the company safe and prevent the virus from spreading. The following are some of the thoughts to be considered:

Keep Employees Safe

For employees that despite everything need to come into work, their wellbeing and security ought to be a top need. They’ll rest easy thinking about coming in to work on the off chance that they realize that all wellbeing insurances are being taken to protect them. Workspaces ought to be kept perfect and all wellbeing rules and guidelines ought to be followed, if not surpassed.

Conduct Mass Testing

Since the government refused to implement this rule, the government passed the responsibility to the private sectors. It is important to test employees in order to track who is fit to work and who’s not.

Maintain Social Distancing

Keep the employees for at least six feet far from each other. Limit the quantity of representatives at the workplace or in one area at once. That space ought to be utilized distinctly by one worker, so they aren’t stressed over infecting from a colleague who might be sick.

Inquire for a Feedback

As companies need to adjust to the pandemic crisis, there might be opportunity to get better. Approach the on-site staff for new strategy and improvement. They’re the ones really encountering the impacts of the wellbeing and security strategies the company has set up to ensure them. They may have thoughts regarding how to improve those approaches that directors or representatives working remotely wouldn’t have thought of. Regular communication is key to employees successfully working together.

Give Attention and Reward Employees

The pandemic is indeed stressful for everybody. Despite of how dangerous the COVID-19 is, a lot of employee are giving the best to contribute and continue to work hard, employees who are in need in order to pay bills and feed their family. Some of them walk miles because of transportation reduction. There is still a lot of uncertainty due to the pandemic. Something employers’ can do is recognize their employees’ hard work. A simple thank you can go a long way towards improving morale and making employees feel valued.

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